The cyanotype series Afterimage was produced during the summer of 2016-17. I was exploring the confluence between visual perception, memory and imagination. The images were informed by the visions seen inside closed eyelids after staring at a brightly lit scene. These afterimage visualisations reference filtered images of my childhood bowers seen during daylight reveries and later revisited in adult late night insomniac states. They are visions of safe places to escape anxiety and danger.

Using blazing summer sunlight on sensitised archival paper, I reinterpret my childhood imaginary world playing amongst ancient tangled jasmine vines, lying hidden amongst weeds on a vacant block gazing at the sky or staring up through seaweed in a rockpool dream. These are the magic and dramatic places of the subconscious which began while growing up in a hot Australian wheatbelt country town and navigating a dysfunctional family life.